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Open pit vs Underground Mining What s the difference

02 07 2021  The mined materials from underground are either transported to the surface via trucks or via cable belt to be delivered to the processing plant In contrast to open pit or other surface mines where the materials are hauled by trucks directly from the pit Having said all of this surface mining methods are obviously relatively easier that s

An Approach Towards Ascertaining Open Pit to Underground

Open pit or underground Going underground or not International Mining Magazine January pp 48 50 3 Bakhtavar E K Shahriar and K Oraee 2008 A model for determining optimal transition depth over from open pit to underground mining Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Mass Mining June 9 11 2008 Lulea Sweden pp

Determination of an Optimum Interface between Open Pit and

Due to the gradual deepening of the Mazinu coal seams from the ground surface both the open pit OP and underground UG mining methods can be applied for extracting them Thus it is a necessity to determine the interface of these mining methods optimally The present paper aims to determine this interface by generating different scenarios using the OP phases and their relative underground

Everything You Need To Know About Open Pit Mining

01 11 2018  When compared to underground mining methods open pit surface mining is considerably more efficient 1 Increased Efficiency One of the biggest benefits open pit mining produces is the growth in the overall efficiency when compared to deep shaft mining methods Mining occurs on the surface so there aren t any space restrictions arising from

Disposal Methods on Solid Wastes from Mines in Transition

01 01 2012  When filling method was used in underground mining the discharge of solid waste could be reduced into a very low degree For a mine in transition from open pit to underground mining backfill the opencast can improve the stress distribution of opencast side and prevent the rain water flow into the underground mine 11 3 4


A large scale transition from open pit to underground mining like this one presents three main challenges 1 to include the geotechnical aspects relevant for mine design and mine planning 2 to define the proper surface and underground infrastructure and 3 to fulfil the project deadlines and to achieve the production targets

Transitional phase for small steeply dipping ore bodies

Transitional phase for small steeply dipping ore bodies from open pit to underground mining a case study from Scandinavian mining industry Hassan Syed Alley Luleå University of Technology Department of Civil Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering Mining and Geotechnical Engineering

Why are underground mines different from open pit mines

Answer 1 of 3 Open cast mines are relatively easy to plan exacavte and reclaim because everything is visible on open ground Heavy machinery can be employed which results in heavy productivity It is safer also Ug mines are complex difficult to access and exacavte It requires high plann


While underground mining can be considered as being more acceptable than surface mining from environmental and social point of view In addition underground will often have a smaller footprint than an open pit of comparable capacity Many deposits can be mined entirely with open pit method others must be worked underground from the very

Vale s Voisey s Bay is transitioning from open pit to

Vale s Voisey s Bay is transitioning from open pit to underground mining Located on the north coast of Labrador about 35 km south of Nain NL Voisey s Bay has been producing nickel since 2005 In July 2015 Vale s Board of Directors sanctioned the development of the underground deposits at Voisey s Bay launching the Voisey s Bay

Water inrush characteristics and hazard effects during the

During the transition from open pit to underground mining in iron ore mines water inrush is a prominent problem for mine safety and production In this paper a comprehensive method that incorporates hydrochemical analysis and numerical simulation is

High Grade Drill results from Open Pits and Underground

drilling results from the underground drilling of the Mother and Anderson Lodes at Nicolsons Initial open pit RC drilling results have exceeded expectations with detailed grade control drilling to follow in the coming weeks Best new results include Open Pits WNRC16012 13 m 17 66 g/t Au including 8 m 26 97 g/t Au Wagtail North

Ernest Henry From open cut to underground

11 04 2012  The Ernest Henry open pit mine had reached a final depth of over half a kilometre and was a substantial 1 5 kilometres long and 1 3 kilometres wide Now the focus is on completing the


04 09 2014  TOPITUTRANSITION OPEN PIT UNDERGROUNDVideo Corporativo 2 0 ES Software diseñado específicamente para evaluar la estrategia óptima que maximice la rentabilidad en la toma de decisión para

Ground Water Problems in Open Pit and Underground Mines

Ground water constitutes a significant operational problem and potential hazard in open pit and underground mining The pressure of ground water in geologic discontinuities adversely affects the safety of height and slope angles of open pit mines justifying measures to reduce ground water pressures in their vicinity The principal hazard in underground mining and tunneling arises from

Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mine

Transition from open pit to underground mining often risks mud rushes if mud forming minerals are present and from sumps and surface dams Air blasts can result from underground collapses or mud rushes The presence of an abandoned pit above can lead to greater risks of dilution and mud rushes The choice of underground mining method affects

Underground Mining vs

23 03 2021  Block caving Block caving is a type of underground hard rock mining that entails undermining an ore body and allowing it to collapse under its weight It s a type of underground mining that s similar to open pit mining Advantages and Disadvantages The benefits and drawbacks of underground mining are

Transition from open pit to underground using Integer

The determination of transition point from open pit OP to underground UG is one of the most challenging mining engineering problems The shallow deposits which vertically extend to considerable depth will have potential to make the transition from OP to UG

Transition from open pit to underground in the case of

Geological and economic modeling of an ore body and also optimization of the depth at which transition is made from open pit to underground mining is an important part of the mining design process in large and massive deposits In this paper a geological block model of Chah Gaz iron ore deposit located in Iran was first created based on iron ore cut off grade

Grant s Open Pit Sterilisation Report

that a pit backfilling cost of 53M obviously reduces both the NPV and IRR by a small margin witho ut making the project unviable noting that this may not reach internal Core project return hurdles Core have also indicated that the Grant s underground NPV would be much less than the Open Pit and yet to

Major Open Pit Copper Mines Move Underground

After more than 100 years of production Codelco s Chuquicamata one of the greatest open pit copper mines which is located in northern Chile will deplete its surface minable reserves and move to underground production by 2018 This is a significant milestone for one of


of open pit mines or underground mines their opera tion is nowadays being run at constantly increasing depths whereas in the case of open pit mines further increase of exploitation depth proves impossible due to economic and technological limitations as well Table 1

Gran Colombia Gold to switch Marmato project from open pit

04 10 2017  Residents mostly opposed the miner s intention of flattening a mountain to create an open pit which will no longer be an issue under the proposed underground extraction style

Coal mining

When coal seams are near the surface it may be economical to extract the coal using open cut also referred to as open cast open pit mountaintop removal or strip mining methods Opencast coal mining recovers a greater proportion of the coal deposit than underground methods as more of the coal seams in the strata may be exploited This equipment can include the following Draglines which

The Copper Mining Process From Underground And Open Pits

The open pit operation exploits oxide transitional and chalcocite mineral mining and processing 1 4 mtpa of ore from the Mammoth underground decline operation Read more Mount Margaret Mining Project QueenslandMining Technology

Underground pumped storage hydropower plants using open

Although the underground reser voir can be drilled 18 the cheapest and possibly most efficient alternative consists of using abandoned works such as deep or open pit mines 19 20 Impacts on land use vegetation and wild life produced by UPSH are lower than those of PSH because at least one of the reservoirs is underground


The open pit to underground transition problem involves the decision of when how and at what depth to transition from open pit OP to underground UG However the current criteria guiding the process of the OP UG transition are not well defined and

Open Pit Transition Depth Determination through Global

This paper presents an iterative net present value NPV maximisation method to determine the optimum surface to underground transition depth for an orebody to be mined by multiple open pits and an underground mine The determination of transition depth from open pit to underground mining is based on global production scheduling optimisation of open pit and underground mines using mixed


06 12 2017  De Beers has announced that its Venetia Mine in South Africa will shift from open pit mining in 2023 to steady state underground production in 2026 Rough Polished reports The underground project estimated at 2 billion in costs has been

Oyu Tolgoi operations go from strength to strength despite

19 01 2021  It is expected to produce 480 000 t of copper per year on average from 2028 to 2036 from the open pit and underground The underground Ore Reserve has an average copper grade of 1 52 which is more than three times higher than the open pit Ore Reserve and contains 0 31 grammes of

Mining method selection and optimization of transition

In this study in order to profitably select a single or combined mining of open pit and underground as well as to determine optimal transition depth a methodology is presented The model is established upon the economical block models of open pit and underground methods together with the Net Present Value NPV s gained by their mining

Open Pit Mining Definition

Open pit mining also known as opencast mining is a surface mining technique that extracts minerals from an open pit in the ground Open pit mining is the most common method used throughout the world for mineral mining and does not require extractive methods or tunnels This surface mining technique is used when mineral or ore deposits are

The Pitt underground

The Pitt underground is an area in the Fallout 3 add on The Pitt and contains The Pitt s power plant It can be accessed from the steelyard near a wrecked train entering an inaccessible metro tunnel The second exit leads to Haven s courtyard in Uptown Both entrances are initially locked or closed The manhole in the steelyard can be opened with the power plant key whereas the doors in the


06 12 2017  De Beers has announced that its Venetia Mine in South Africa will shift from open pit mining in 2023 to steady state underground production in 2026 Rough Polished reports The underground project estimated at 2 billion in costs has been in construction since 2013

Optimizing the Open Pit to Underground Mining Transition

from open pit to underground mining in both a spatial and a temporal sense This transition incorporates a crown pillar placement that separates the open pit from the underground mine and of the sill pillars i e levels left in situ that can grant earlier access to stopes by creating a false bottom

Open Pit To Underground Transition

Open Pit To Underground Transition Author s Simon Hanrahan First Presented SRK NewsIssue 56 SRK carried out a scoping study on an existing open pit operation 12 Mtpa that is soon to be reaching a depth where the mine will need to transition to a large scale underground mining method