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MUST READ Step By Step Guide to Building a House in Kenya

Mar 25 2020  1 Step By Step Guide to Building a House in Kenya 1 1 1 Plan Your Budget 1 2 7 Tips to cut construction costs 1 3 2 Find your location /plot 1 4 3

The Oldest Stone Tools Yet Discovered Are Unearthed in Kenya

May 20 2015  At 3 3 million years old tools unearthed at the Lomekwi 3 excavation site in Kenya like the one pictured above represent the oldest known evidence of stone tools researchers suggest


The higher value is often used for offices to take the variable partitioning and the greater live load in corridor areas into account 16 Some reduction of the live load can be made depending on the numberofstories butmayneverexceed40 foranyconstructionelement 16

390 Compound design ideas in 2021

Dec 6 2021Explore Ankur Thakkar s board Compound design followed by 126 people on Pinterest See more ideas about fence design gate design modern fence

Types Of Information System

Aug 27 2009  Essentials of Management Information Systems Chapter 2 Information Systems in the Enterprise Types of TPS Systems KEY SYSTEM APPLICATIONS IN THE ORGANIZATION Figure 2 4 9 System Architecture Transaction Processing System 10

Types of soil

A geotechnical engineer should be well versed with the nomenclature and terminology of different types of soils The following list gives the names and salient features of different types of soil arranged in alphabetical order Bentonite It is a type of clay with a very high percentage of clay mineral montmorillonite It is a highly

Types of roofing materials

Here is a list of 9 different types of roofing to consider for your next re roofing job 1 Solar tiles Advanced solar collectors integrate seamlessly into existing shingles generating up to 1 kilowatt of energy per 100 square feet They re particularly good for sunny roofs in homeowners associations that forbid typical solar panels

A Guide to Types of Paper to Use for Any Art Project

Nov 19 2018  Watercolor Watercolor paint has three different types of paper that artists like to use hot press cold press and rough Hot press paper has a smooth hard surface which makes it ideal for fine detail work but it s often criticized as being slippery and hard to control ld press has a semi rough surface that s suitable for detail work and washes but you can see some of

Type A

Type B Basement Construction Type B is a structurally integral protection This is usually a form of prestressed or reinforced concrete that is water resistant The concrete is not as effective in resistance to water vapour movement so is often incorporated into a

Building and Contruction Materials in Kenya

Nov 11 2013  Building Materials in Kenya 1 What are the most common building materials used in Kenya For walls we have machine cut quarry stones and cement For roofs we have gauge 30 and gauge 32 steel roofing sheets concrete and clay tiles and stone coated steel roofing tiles For windows we have steel casement frames with glass infill

Tombs by type

Dec 03 2021  The categorization scheme Tombs by type is part of the Commons Category scheme graves and gives the Type documentation for Category Tombs A tomb is a repository for the remains of the dead The term generally refers to any structurally enclosed interment space or burial chamber of varying sizes The word is used in a broad sense to

African art

African art describes the modern and historical paintings sculptures installations and other visual culture from native or indigenous Africans and the African continent The definition may also include the art of the African diasporas such as African American Caribbean or art in South American societies inspired by African traditions Despite this diversity there are unifying


Third Schedule Walls of stone bricks or blocks Fourth Schedule Provisions prescribing notional periods of fire resistance for various types of construction Table A Walls and partitions Table A 2 Hollow stud partitions Table B Floors Table C Steel columns and beams Table D Reinforced concrete columns and beams

Construction of Three Bedroom House Plans in Kenya David

What types of three bedroom house plans in Kenya are available A broad number of options exist that a developer or buyer may be willing to consider when looking at developing or purchasing three bedroom house plans in Kenya However the two main types of three bedroom house plans are in apartment units maisonettes and bungalows

7 Different Types Of Ring Shanks And How To Identify Them

Other ring elements you ll need to know Head AKA setting This is where the stone sits Shoulders This is the section of the ring shank that leads up to and supports the head Prong This is a specific type of stone setting which features anywhere between 4 and 6 prongs that hold the stone in place Profile This can be clearly visualised when thinking about a cross

Ancient Pigments

Dec 30 2017  Iron Oxide Outcrop Alligator Gorge Flinders Range South Australia John Goodridge Ochre a natural pigment which comes in shades of yellow red orange and brown is the first pigment used by humans in the Middle Stone Age of Africa at least 70 000 years ago Ochre also called hematite is found all over the world and has been used by nearly

25 Examples of Vernacular Housing From Around the World

Jul 26 2018  The triple decker is a much beloved wood frame apartment building that is commonly found in New England towns and cities The structures were originally used to house large numbers of immigrants

Lithics Basics Chapter 2

Mar 05 2013  I Mechanics of Stone Tool Technology Stone tools are shaped mainly by fracture and abrasion Both of these processes involve an objective piece being loaded by an indenter until it fails Archaeologists terms for conchoidal fracture products differ from those used in mechanics lithic technology the objective piece is called a core or a flake tool

Types of joints

The form of the joint also influences the appearance of a facade Of course the height of the joint plays an important role but the depth is also important The deeper the joint the more it will end up in the background This creates a shadow play

Features and symbolism of Swahili architecture

May 11 2018  The privacy levels in the structures had to be maintained as moral values are highly recognised in the Islamic culture Despite the unique carving patterns on doors and balcony there is a different style of carving in every town Lamu architecture displays four different styles of carvings that were used in decorating doors

Mycenaean architecture

May 25 2017  The ancient Greeks considered the rocks too large to have been lifted by humans so they believed the rocks were moved by the Cyclopes a race of giants with a single eye in the center of his forehead As a result the present day building technique where large roughly cut stones are used is known as Cyclopean masonry

Bath Stone

The only local stone with a freeze thaw cycle rating of 56 for our weathering bed and 14 cycles for our Top bed No other Bath Stone has these characteristics or is as consistent as Stoke Ground We only extract 2 beds the original Top and Base bed often copied in name but never equalled 1 2 Million tonnes of reserves

The Most Popular House Styles in Kenya

Sep 22 2019  The most popular house styles in Kenya include Contemporary Victorian Colonial Mediterranean Traditional and Country 1 Contemporary style Contemporary style is a modern house plan with no style rules These houses have audacious geometrical shapes huge amounts of glass large windows and roofs that are either flat or very steep often

13 Different Types of Ceilings and Their Material Options

Jul 10 2020  The height style and even the material used for a ceiling can greatly affect the entire room s overall ambiance A distinctively decorated ceiling treatment with creative architecture will enhance your home s interior design To learn about the different types of ceilings and their material options make sure you read this article now

7 Common Types Of Waterproofing Materials Benefits Uses

In this type of environment the rubber is used to seal windows trunks and even woods It can also be found in vehicle heaters oil coolers water pumps thermostats and other places The material is capable of repelling water but it can also create noise on vehicles The material is recyclable and flexible

Moroccan Architecture In Depth Review of Styles in Morocco

Moroccan Architecture Due to its unique location Morocco has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years For centuries the country was formed by the mixture of African tribes from the other side of the Sahara Desert Islamic traditions from Arab neighbors and European colonizers

23 Examples of Impressive Museum Architecture

May 18 2017  23 Examples of Impressive Museum Architecture Save this picture Designing a museum is always an exciting architectural challenge Museums often come with their own unique needs and constraints

7 Common Types Of Waterproofing Materials Benefits Uses

In this type of environment the rubber is used to seal windows trunks and even woods It can also be found in vehicle heaters oil coolers water pumps thermostats and other places The material is capable of repelling water but it can also create noise on vehicles The material is recyclable and flexible

Building Materials

The type of wood you use will depend on the project Some wood is more suitable than others are for building construction while other wood types are popular for the creating of instruments or novelty items In general there are two main types of wood with the main difference being the way trees reproduce


affect the reputation of the stone industry as a whole 2 3 These standards also serve as benchmarks for quality limits of products If a stone with a below minimum flexural strength is used for a lintel then it may be more likely to fail thus causing damage and possible injury Interior or exterior flooring or paving with an

African architecture

The Arab and Amazigh Berber architecture of Egypt and North Africa has had an impact on African architecture south of the Sahara Similarly the states of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea have influenced architectural types in Sudan the Horn of Africa and the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania where the Muslim presence has also been strong These influences are


M 52 Granite stone slab M 53 P V C Flooring M 54 Facing tiles M 55 White glazed tiles M 56 Galvanized iron pipes and fitting M 57 Bib cooks and stop cock M 58 Gun metal Wheel valve M 59 while glazed porcelain wash basin M 60 European type water closed M 61 Orrissa type water closet M 62 Indian type water closet M 62 A

Architecture of the Port

Architecture of the Port On the coastal headlands of eastern Africa monumental stone marks the border zone between the African continent and the Indian Ocean Since at least the 13th century locals have built stately stone houses tombs and mosques which have made Swahili towns and cities visible from great distances

Types of Structural Systems in Architecture

Many different structural systems are used in architecture The type of system used depends on the building s needs The height of the building its load bearing capacity the soil specifications and the building materials all dictate the proper structural system needed for a building

Different Types of Laminates Their Uses

Laminates are most commonly used surface finish for furniture elements as they provide decorative look in comparatively less price They also enhance the durability of the furniture as they are scratch resistant and easy to clean Due to availability of various types of laminates commercial and corporate offices industries restaurants hotels showrooms etc are also

earth a building material of the future

Feb 21 2010  earth is a 100 eco friendly building material it is neither manufactured nor transported a wall made from raw earth serves as a natural air conditioner being warm in winter and cool in summer